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Helen trying to cross a stream

Good thing it's July!

Perfecty lined trees



View from the top

Just some tired pigs we passed by


Wow what a day. It wasn't at all what we had expected and was a very difficult hike in some places. Our walk took us from the entrance of a forest to a small coastal town called Ballycastle. For 20.9km and almost 5.5 hours of walking, we crossed through forest (I mean walking on wet moss, jumping across streams, climbing about 300 meters in 1 km, taking a step on the path and sinking right down into the water, crossing over and under trees that had fallen down, sliding on my butt at 1 point! haha). It was tough going and wasn't a "normal" hike. There was one part where the trail wasn't marked well and the instructions weren't all that clear and we went up and down a road 3 times until we figured we were going in the right direction the first time. This added about an additional 3 kms to our walk and we didn't need it! Arghh. So frustrating.

We did manage to see some beautiful views though throughout all of this. We are pretty sore now but in the end we're so happy and proud of ourselves for our accomplishment today.

We just got back from dinner and have settled nicely into a fantastic B&B for the next 2 nights. Tomorrow's walk will be nice and easy. We take a 45 min ferry ride out to a little Island called Ralthin Island that is inhabited by only 80 people. Should be a pretty nice day.


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