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vineyard with the group!

awkward pose in the vineyard

standing next to some cool looking barrels of wine

our AWESOME soccer team after our first win

post-pretending to be a flamenco dancer (graffiti in the Sacromonte)

Bodega, dance classes, and an amazing fútbol team! Granada has so much to offer, and I am trying to take advantage of everything I can.

One weekend on our own, a large group of us decided that we wanted to go wine tasting to learn all about the making (and tasting of course) of different types of wine. So we found a vineyard in a little town about 20 minutes from the center of Granada, made our reservation, and all took the bus over together. The owners were very nice, and we learned so many cool things about the process of wine making, the different types of smells and colors each type of wine has, and how to tell the difference between older and younger wines. And of course, all of this information was given to us in Spanish! We all felt like pretty accomplished Spanish speakers.

Through our program, we were given the opportunity to take a free class (cooking, yoga, salsa, art, etc.). A few friends and I decided that being in Andalucía, Spain, it would only be fitting to take a flamenco class. So every Thursday we have been learning the 4 different dances of Sevillanas (a specific type of flamenco dancing). It is super fun, and I can't wait to bring my skills out onto the streets during a festival in May where the men and women in Granada go out in their flamenco dresses and shoes and dance flamenco outside all day!

A few of our friends have been taking the salsa class, and invited us to go try out their teacher's salsa club. We did, and now we are basically all in love with salsa dancing. It was so much fun learning and just dancing around with friends, we returned a few days later and will be returning soon once again.

A group of students in our program created a fútbol team to play in a tournament against other teams from the other programs at the CLM. We play once a week on a small fútsol concrete court outside on Wednesday nights. The tournament is single elimination, we have had two games so far, and will be moving on to the third one next week. It is SO MUCH FUN! I have missed playing soccer so much, so I was super excited to be invited to come out and play (even if it is only an hour a week).

Granada is awesome, to say the least.

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