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So, our first whole day in Chiang Mai. We decided to see the temples today. We headed o the farthest away, Wat Phra Sihng. It was alot like the Grand Palace in Bangkok, only smaller. We looked in another, but we cant remember the name of it!

It was sooo hot that day that we didn't really feel much like checking out the others, they are all very similar anyway, pretty, alot of gold! We headed to an internet cafe instead and did some stuff for a while.

When we were all done we headed tot he hostel to play pool, then decided to check out the Kalare Night Bazaar. It was good, alot of stalls selling the same sort of thing, but great if you're wanting to shop. We ate there to, nice and very cheap. Then a duo started playing music. We ended up spending all evening there and went back for few games of cards. We ended up making up our own game, which we're still playing. Will have to teach you all when we get back!

We had to get up early today to find somewhere to stay for our next two nights. We got into a place called Ginny's. Only 150 baht/night! Sorted.

We decided to have a pool day, and we had seen a hotel offering pool use at their other hotels for 50 or 70 baht. We walked off to the closest who said it was 100 baht! So we decided to check the other one. Also 100 baht! Oh well, 100 baht it is then! Before we went in to the 2nd pool we thought we'd check out the bus station that looked nearish to where we were. Wasn't too far, but not that easy to find so glad we checked! The pool was lovely, a nice setting, big and was sunny all day. Kat had a few snores coming from her direction!

We went to the night bazaar for dinner again that evening and practiced our new card game!!

On our last day in Chiang Mai we decided to go to the zoo. We walked again (trying to get fit!), was 6km. Wasn't too bad a walk, but the road to the zoo was very long, and very straight! On first impressions the zoo looked good. It was laid out over the foot of Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai's biggest hill! We managed to get round and see most of the animals. The Panda's had their own air conditioned unit, with really nice exhibits, but the rest of the animals didn't seem so well off, and seeing a baby elephant chained to a tree with no food or water waiting for tourist pictures was enough to make Kat cry! The zoo was really hilly, and we kept getting lost, so we left without seeing the Lions or Tigers.

Another walk to get home and we were shattered. We went out for dinner round the corner and then had a quiet evening, nearly!!!

We were having a chat with a few people and suddenly it felt as though our seats were being pushed by someone. All wobbly. It was an EARTHQUAKE!!! A 6.8 in Burma that evening at about 7pm, we were feeling the tremors at about 8.30pm!!

A very very strange end to Chiang Mai!!

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