The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

Room in Aguas Calientes where Jen had her cooking lesson - Pig...

Vin and Tim, out on a ledge (photo by Tony)

Steps (photo by Tony)

Looking back... (photo by Vin)

Uphill to more ruins (photo by Tony)

Ruinas Pinkylluna (photo by Tony)

Cool view (photo by Tony)

Hearts? (photo by Tony)

Orange Lichens (photo by Tony)

View (photo by Vin)

View from Pinkylluna (photo by Vin)

Trained back to Ollantaytambo. To Heart’s for lunch – Jen stayed (uploaded pics to website)while boys hiked up side of mountain (to Ruinas Pinkylluna). Nice dinner on road down to train. To bed before midnight (so, so tired!)


There was a path that led out of the valley then clung to the side of the mountain. It led to different Incan houses built into the cliffs.

**Jen walked 1.96 miles – Tim walked/hiked maybe 5 and boys walked/hiked maybe 4…

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