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Oak Creek Campground Entrance

Our Oak Creek Campground Campsite on the hill.

Another photo of our campsite.

Chef Dave Collick grilling on Grill-on-a-Rod-Grill

Special type of campfire grill.

3rd Place Pie Bakeoff Contest Winner

3rd Place Banana Cream Pie

Pie Crust In Process

May 21, 22 and 23 – Bowmansville, PA Oak Creek Campground

We are comfortably situated in our Bowmansville, PA campsite up on the hill.

Down the hill, our friends, the Collicks, invited us to two delicious meals at their motorhome campsite. Dave used a unique grill over his campfire to grill the kabobs and chicken. See the photos to view the effective grill-on-a-rod design.

A Bad RV Smell Story – While at our Maryland campsite, we sensed a bad smell in and around our RV and thought that it was from the relatively close sewer vent. The smell was a combination of what we thought could be propane gas from our RV gas system or something dead for some time or rotten eggs.

The smell moved with us to Pennsylvania and could again be sensed around and in our RV ‘basement’ storage area and in the living area. To eliminate the propane leak possibility, we closed the propane tank valves (we have two tanks) at night. The next morning there was no smell.

But, during the day and this morning, the smell was bad especially at the front of the RV. We found a nest in the front hitch pin housing but there was nothing decaying in the nest.

I then located my nose next to the battery vent, took a whiff and was overwhelmed with strong rotten egg odor. One of our two 12 volt batteries, the one that came with the 2004 unit in 2006, was dying while decaying.

I removed the battery cover with the venting hose attached and noted that the battery was exhaling funky gas in bubbles – pop....pop.....pop. This was while the batteries were being charged by our 110 volt-to-12-volt charger.

I carefully removed the cables from the negative and then the positive battery posts and screws and moved it away from the RV. We dropped it off at our local Walmart for a deposit credit and picked up a new marine-type battery that can withstand deep drawdowns and recharges.

The new battery Is installed and the odor is gone. :)

Today, we had a great visit to Amy, Harry and Jack in Lancaster. Jack found a LEGO set in my jacket pocket and put it together in no time. He will sleep over next Saturday.

To end this entry, I will share a fun experience that I had several months ago at our community Pie Baking Contest. I really like banana cream pie so I decided to prepare one and enter it and its sister for neighbors to taste and enjoy.

I had never made crust from scratch so it was a learning experience. My baked crust was not as flaky as I desired because while I turned my head to re-read the recipe, my lumpy dough became less lumpy as it became over-processed in the mixer. I continued ahead nevertheless and covered the non-flaky crust with from-scratch pudding flavored with severed whole vanilla beans.

The meringue was also fun and looked great with its stiff curls that were lightly browned – see photo. But, when the pie was cut into pieces for the 4-member panel, the meringue lost its stiffness and sank – minus 10 points. :|

My pie came in third among the 9 entries. Next time, I will attempt to get first place with a coconut cream pie. :)

Have a great week.

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