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Sorry, No photos on this entry - just wanted to post while the stress is still fresh.

This past week has gone by so quickly and painfully! We were both touting that we were not pack-rats, but oh contraire!! It seemed that each time we took a load of stuff to the storage unit or charity there was even more waiting for us to deal with when we returned to the house. We gave the local crisis center so much that they told us they didn't have any more room, but they were oh, so grateful as the items we donated were not the typical things they get. And even though we got a storage unit almost three times larger than the one we've had for the past three years, we almost ran out of space. If we stacked everything to the ceiling, we would have more floor space but would not be able to access the things we want to use this summer or the boxes and bags of belongings that we hastily threw together to get them out of the house.

We expected to be finished yesterday at noon, but finally got done at about 10:30 this morning just as the buyers showed up with their first load.

Friday we spent our first night in the fifth wheel. It was much more comfortable than we thought, but then again we were so tired we really didn't care where we slept...we just needed to sleep. The wind and rain were quite persistant the entire week, but we were actually thankful that it wasn't too can always take a layer off when you start sweating.

Saturday morning I made my first breakfast in the rig...bacon, eggs, toast and spiced chai. I was worried about getting grease on the walls around the range, but I just stood the acrylic cutting boards along the edges and it worked great. I also ran the microwave fan, so when I was done, the rig didn't smell like bacon.

During the week we had stopped by a couple stores to see if we could check out the OGrill (vs the Coleman Roadtrip) and bring one home, but there were no OGrills to look at and the Roadtrip we wanted was out of stock with the holiday weekend so I would just have to use the range.

After preparing dinner this evening I can see that I will be quite content with the "galley". Now to decide exactly where to put everything that I THINK I need. I'm positive that I will be eliminating some things. Thank goodness we don't have to hit the road immediately.

As for our first "maiden voyage".... that date has been moved to June 16th. We should be quite settled in by then.

So far everything has been operating properly, although we are not using the toilet while we are parked inside the fire station. When we need to "go" we must go through four doors - the coach, the fire station day room and then the bathroom door and then the stall door. Because it is all inside it does not seem inconvenient....yet, but a little planning is required.

We have been without internet service since Thursday, so after leaving the sticks & bricks home for the last time we treated ourselves to IHOP for brunch, to Best Buy to pick up our Verizon MiFi wireless hot-spot card and then to the Perrine Bridge to watch the base jumpers leap off the bridge. It took us several hours this evening to get it up and running, but here we are.

We are looking forward to less stress this coming week. -Even our dog, Anna, will feel much better. All the activity and human stress took it's toll on her also. She either refused to come inside the sticks-&-bricks or shadowed one of us like she was tethered to our side. She seems to enjoy the fire station environment, although with all the rain we have not experienced the activity that comes with a fire call and all the volunteers coming in and engines going out. That will be a new experience for all of us.

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