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The mothballed fleet

California freeway

Back to the Sierras

Lunch by a rushing river

Down and then up




A nice campsite by a rushing stream


The high peaks



Mono Lake - salty

Water spouts on Mono Lake

June Lake

Tom tries fishing

May 10, Sunday

We left Linda's and headed for "Plan C", a return to the east side of the Sierras. Plan A had been to drive down the Big Sur coast, but they had a devastating wildfire last July, so the state parks were still closed and there was a lot of fire damage - and to top it off, there is a fire currently raging in Santa Barbara! Plan B had been to do some kayaking in a wildlife refuge near Lake Havasu in Arizona - but we discovered that the temperatures were in the 100s - no fun!

So we drove up US 50 again to Lake Tahoe, where we stayed the night in a KOA right next to a babbling brook.

May 11, Monday

A place called Twin Lakes sounded good - and it was except that the campgrounds were mostly still closed for water main reconstruction, but we did find one - and also discovered that Twin Lakes are really one big lake - with a lower end for fishing and the upper end for watersports. We had a great view of the jagged snow-covered peaks there.

May 12, Tuesday

In the morning we drove to the ghost town of Bodie which is now a protected state park - really cool to see all the abandoned buildings and mining remains. Tom took so many pictures in Bodie, that he will have to make a separate posting. Then we drove on down to June Lake where we had stayed on the way to Yosemite. We passed Mono Lake where there were water spouts running along its shore. After checking out the other campgrounds at June Lake, we decided that "Oh Ridge" where we had previously stayed was in fact the best. It is cool up there and very beautiful with the lake below and the mountains above. "Cool" is one thing we will probably not see again on this trip! Tom got to go fishing in June Lake - no bites, but it was good to wet the line.

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