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Poco got a little too much sun today, so has asked me, Elaine, to do the entry. As some of you may know, Cory and I joined a couple of online groups a year and a half ago. The first one was Global Freeloaders and the other couchsurfing. Just add .com to the end of those names and you will find these sites. Basically what they are, is an online community of travelers, who will host people or be hosted when they are traveling. We hosted a number of people since joining, and found it to be a very rewarding experience. Some people think we have more guts than brains to do this trip, so it was really quite refreshing meeting and talking with people who venture a little bit outside of the norm. The first couple we hosted was Kevin and Ruth from Ottawa. They are our age, and went from hosting some world travelers to deciding why not do it ourselves, and 6 weeks later had sold their house, bought a motor home, and were going to travel North America for two years. They have now spent over 500 nights in their motor home, and have inspired us a great deal. You can find their journal by looking up last name Read. We also hosted a number of cyclists, and we actually keep in touch occasionally with these people. One of the nice things about couch surfing, is when you are logged in, you can find people who are in your area, and sometimes arrange to meet. We received one such request yesterday and today met up with Fiona from Australia. She is around our age and is 3 months into her 4 month of traveling around Mexico and South America. Well, after meeting with her, we have altered our plans slightly, and will only be allowing Pocoto have 1 night at the new hostel, as we will be journeying with Fiona to Belize. She is very well travelled and has great advice. We are looking forward to learning a lot from her. Meeting people, and exchanging ideas was one of our goals for this trip, so we are quite excited that it is happening already. As we are still newbies at this flying by the seat of your pants thing, we don't have any tips to share yet. We were excited at $20 a night, until we heard she is paying $5 a night, at a Japanese hostel in Cancun which includes breakfast. So Friday morning we head to Belize. Fiona and I discovered that we have very similar, almost identical first dive experiences. After having lunch, and walking her to the bus depot, I heard "Cory" and turned to see a guy getting out of his seat and walking towards Cory, It turned out to be Rick and Donna, our new friends that we met the day before. So after seeing Fiona off, we joined them for a serves. It is funny the ways things are starting to fall into place. It reminded me of one of the other things Jenny said yesterday. She was referring to one of the eulogies she had done, and said that we are all pieces of a puzzle, and each person we come into contact with becomes part of our puzzles. Some become huge pieces and others just tiny little pieces. But when it is all put together, you have the complete picture. I know I am paraphrasing her a bit, but that is how I am starting to feel as our puzzle is expanding, and we are meeting more and more pieces, and each one fulfills some purpose. Just as we are all pieces of a puzzle with everyone who is keeping track of our journey. Many thanks for that, it does mean a lot to both of us. Hopefully we will have a lot to add to your puzzles when we meet again in 2010. Love Elaine and Cory

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