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Salt Lake City KOA Campground Campsite

Diesel Engine Intake Steel Tube Wrapped with Silicone Heat Insulator

Black, Plastic CFM Intake Manifold Elbow

Bypass Engine Oil Filter On The Righthand Truck Frame

September 20 Update

We had an uneventful, 200 mile trek from Vernal to Salt Lake City. The most memorable event was the 10 mile, 6% grade, descent into the city on I-80. We used the Jacobs Exhaust Brake without overdrive and seldom had to use the mechanical brakes of the truck/RV.

The KOA office provided us two free tickets for this evening’s 7:30 PM performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The concert is two miles down the street. The campground is in an urban setting.

Link to Salt Lake City Information Site

Link to Mormon Tabernacle Choir Information

Link to Official Site of Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Link to Salt Lake City Weather

Truck Talk

I attached photos of some of the changes that I have made to our Dodge truck with a Cummins 5.9L diesel engine.

I removed the plastic tube between the air filter and turbocharger that had turbo whine noise reduction fins. I replaced it with a straight steel tube and wrapped the tube with a blue, kitchen, silicone baking sheet to keep the engine compartment heat from heating up the tube and incoming air.

I also installed a CFM brand intake manifold elbow to replace the cast aluminum manifold. The new manifold is plastic and has a smooth inner surface and a 50% larger throat compared with the stock manifold.

On our trip from Maine to Pennsylvania with our RV in tow on flat terrain at 60 MPH, our on-board computer showed that we were getting 13 MPG. With the new manifold, across flat northern Ohio and Indiana on this trip, it showed 15 MPG at the same speed.

In dynamometer tests with and without the manifold, an additional 25 HP is available at 1700 engine RPM with the new manifold. This is the RPM at 60 MPH.

I added the new manifold to improve the miles per gallon. But, we found an additional advantage in the hilly terrain of Iowa and Nebraska on I-80. With cruise control set for 60 MPH, the transmission did not have to shift down out of overdrive when climbing the hills. The boost pressure rose to 22 PSI and the exhaust gas temperature to 800F.

Another addition is an engine oil bypass filter that, with a hose from the stock filter head port to the bypass filter, takes 10% of the oil and filters out particles larger than .0001 inch and extends the oil change interval. I had Mobil1 5w-40 synthetic oil added at the last oil change.

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