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Ohh so you can have your cake and eat it!!!!!

Maybe cake isn't always the answer Tubs!!!

Some rain outside the cafe - we were inside with cake and...

Aaaaaaaand a bit more rain!!

Cake Taker!

Day 4 - Hey guess what, we can't frickin move!!!!!

It hurts to breath man.

Maybe the great Danny Glover was right!

No suprises to learn that today was pretty much a write off!

It was all about self-preservation today.

We pretty much just hung out, updated the website, and basically felt sorry for ourselves!!

It was cool as the weather was crud today so any kind of excursion would have been a bit of a waste anyway.

After the Intermenet cafe we went for a toastie and a nice cuppa................oh ok and shared a mahoosive bit of cakey cake!

We flaked out early tonight but it was sort of on the cards really wasn't it!!

Booked a Bus Tour of Cape Town for 2mo which should be both educational ANNND fun!!!!

We'll see!!


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