ASIA TRIP 2008 travel blog

Tuesday I hiked over to the north beach and shopped around for a bit, the weather wasn't great, but it was a nice hike. I was so tired when I got back that I decided to treat myself to another thai massage. I went to this thai family massage school and this girl that was massaging me was about 13. She did a great job, but every so often I would start to get really relaxed and she would start smacking me and shaking me and I about feel off the table. I was wondering what it would be like for her to shake someone with a bit more flubber than I have...Yesterday I layed by the beach, read my book, and talked to some other travelers for awhile sharing stories...last night Elish and Maggie and I went to dinner at our Thai friend Num's bar. It has a great view of two different beaches and is about 200km up the side of a mountain...The weather wasn't looking so great, but we decided to chance it and walk up. After about 20 feet up, it started pouring and we could only find one tiny little palm tree to stand under, which wasn't doing much to keep us dry...Num then came down in his truck to pick us up and drive us the rest of the way. Even though it was raining, the view was still incredible. You could watch the clouds come in over the ocean and almost predict the exact moment when it would start to rain again. Num cooked us all of our meals and I mistakenly told him that I like spicy food. I do...but when you tell thai people that they kinda take it overboard. After dinner we played a few rounds of Jenga with the bartenders and this other German guy at the bar...we had a great time, but it got harder and harder to keep a steady hand after each Tiger (Tiger is a beer that is brewed in Singapore that they serve here...) It's my staple beverage! Then Num played a goodbye song for me on his guitar and I got really sad...After that, we wandered over to the bowling alley to play a few rounds there. Instead of having a machine put the pins back and roll the balls back to you, they have a guy standing behind the lane waiting to replace everything...I thought this was very amuzing. I managed to completely smash my finger in between two bowling balls as they were rolling back down, so that wasn't very fun. Then we made one last pit stop for another drink at a reggae bar. I'm gonna miss Koh Tao, I have made good friends with some of the locals, and it's just such a fun quiet little place... My favorite is the lady at this internet shop that I use. She is always smiling and happy to see me and after everything she says in english she says "ka"; which is kinda of an end for every sentence a woman says in thai. Today I am taking a ferry to the mainland and then the night train to Bangkok...OH and the dogs here love me. This same husky-like black dog that cuddles up to me at the bars here at night has found me at the internet shop and is laying at my feet, and another spotted dog was laying by me at the beach all day yesterday being my guard dog. Anytime another person or dog would come by he would start to growl, it was great! I'm sad to say goodbye....

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