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this is the free outdoor pool down on the esplanade in Cairns

Hi there everybody!

Well here i am in the 'tropical' Cairns and boy is it tropical. I couldnt believe the humidity when i stepped off the plane, my hair instantly frizzed into a massive Hair ball! Has anyone seen those episodes of 'Friends' where they go to Barbados and Monica's hair goes wild....that is me! If we decide to come back up here i may have to shave my head!

Anyway Cairns is teeny tiny compared to Sydney, its like a ghost town..proper hicksville. Cairns is what i imagined New orleans to be like..weird i know. Nothing really goes on in the town during the day as everybody is out doing tours, activities etc so i thought i had better get myself booked onto some....soooo yesterday i went horseriding through the bush, today i have been snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef and tomorrow i am exploring the rain forest..

Certainly better than sitting in my flat unemployed all week eh???

I havent got time to go into the wonderful horseriding now, or explain the zillions of fish i swam with i promise i will do a fully detailed entry tomorrow...after i have been croc watching..aaaagh!

Just wanted to let you all know that i was safe up here in Northern Queensland all on my lonesome!

Speak tomorrow

love a very fried lobster..vikki x

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