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Hotel view

Dahab city across the Red Sea

Ali Babas

The Blue Hole

Snorkle girls

Our Camels (Shakespear, Bob Marley, Ricky Martin & no name)

Brent on the camel Bob Marley


Bedouin tea with Ramadan

Bucket of alcohol (vodka orange) (hassan, Dani, me, Henri & Brent)

Party dog

Our first day in Dahab was pretty much spent relaxing by the pool at our Dyarna hotel. Brent decided to get a massage while i decided to get a tan. Once fully relaxed we decided to walk down the beach front to Ali Babas resturant - the walk was reminding me alot of Thailand, there were so may cool resturants with out door eating areas right on the beach, also it was great because all the shop vendors leave you alone and the guys don't stare anywhere near as much as the rest of Egypt. Dinner was great fo $40 AUD each we had dips & bread, cheesy garlic bread, roasted veggies, a massive seafood platter of prawns calamari red snapper, followed by pancakes with fruit choc syrup ice cream and honey mmm. After that kind of feed we all just rolled ourselves into bed.

On the 16th we got our first sleep in - we werent woken until 9am to head snorkeling at the Blue Hole. The blue hole is a great diving site becuase about 2m off shore the floor drops to 110m, and all around the hole is beautiful coral and alot of sea life. Henri, Dani and myself geared up to snorkle teh reef while Brent relaxed by the coast. It was fasinating the number of great fish to see, althought i did see a group of eels (ewwe). The most impressive point would have to have been the reef which seperates teh blue hole from the ocean (which starts again at about 15m deep), here you could just float over the reef and watch all the fishies, at one point i had 3 different schools of fish swimming along either side of me. The most impressive fish i saw tho was a rainbow striped fsh it had stripes of colour acorss the lenght of its body (green, white, purple, yellow) it was beautiful. After about 2hours of snorkeling we headed back to the hotel then out for lunch at the Nirvana indian resturant, then bought some local art work, then it was back to chilling by the pool until we were picked up for our camel ride at 5:30. The camel ride was great our guide Ramadan took us up into the mountians on our camels - Bob Marley (Brent) Shakespear (me) Ricky Martin (Dani) and Henri got the one with no name so she named him Chase. Once at the base of the mountians we jumped off the camels and hiked up another hill, my legs were still caining from the last hill we hiked! But the view once onto was beautiful, we could see all across Dahab and you could clearly see the reef and the mountians of Saudi Arabia in the distance. After our ride back we stopped at Ramadans house for some Bedouin tea and fresh pita bread. It was really cool to be invited into his family and watch them all interact. After that it was back to the hotel and out for a late dinner. At 10pm we rocked up at Al Capones resturant for a feed and then Dani and I got some henna tattoos before heading to Toto bar to dance the night away. Even the local dog was in need of a party, and for $35 AUD we scored a bucket of vodka and orange to kick the night off then it was dancing away until 3am when we were booted. It was the most fun ive had in ages.

On the 17th we headed back to Cairo :( we all loved Dahab and didnt want to leave. It was a 10 hour treck back so once we arrived at the Pharoahs it was tea and bed. Today (18th May) is our last day in Egypt, there is still so much to see and do but the heat and the people make it impossible to see everything, tomorrow we fly to the UK - yay!! Im looking forward to being able to walk down a street without being hassled or stared at and am looking forward to eating some fresh food like sushi or a salad (you can't trust that stuff here) and walking off all the kilos ive already gained by eating rice for 2 weeks straight.

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