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Playa De Carmen, we made it to one of our last destinations in Mexico, we are starting to feel very at home in Mexico and our food ordering has improved so much we were actually ordering fajitas now and not some other strange dish, so were feeling a bit down about ending our trip soon.

Playa de Carmen has actually become a fairly touristy town, which sits right on the beautiful beach, with many americans visiting and owning apartments there.

We decided although we had not been doing much, our next adventure in south american may be a little more testing, so really just read at the beach, drank at the bars on the beach and ate alot.

Although on the second day we thought we should finish our open water scuba diving course that we started in Australia as the reefs out from Playa were meant to be some of the best in the Carribean.

It was definately worth it, although it rained, the visability was unbelivable and we met some great people on the dive. We are now offically open water divers.. so hopefully we can afford to dive some other time, as we have begun to realise that we may have been spending a little too much money and may run out before we even leave south american if we keep going like this.

So from now on its bread for breakfast and lunch only....

We head off for Cancun tomorrow so that we can fly out for Lima, South America the next day.

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