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Our destination!

Our winemaker, Pamela!

Sharon & Rodger say "cheers"!

The "Old Gus" Vineyard, since 1946!

Lunch "al fresco" under the Pepper Tree!

Now, this is how winter should be! Our days are now in the 70-80's, clear skies, winds calmed. What a difference this seems to make in our demeanor. Rodg & Sharon suggest a drive and we decide that Shadow Mountain Winery near Warner Springs is just what this beautiful day deserves. We stop in Borrego Springs for deli sandwiches and quiche to take along for a picnic lunch on the beautiful grounds. Yes, we have been here before so know we are in for a great "tasting" experience.

Our driving route is up scenic S-22, literally up, as we wind up Montezuma Road, to Highway 79; about 45 miles or an hour's drive one way. The winery is located high (3500') in the mountains, just below Palomar Observatory in San Diego County, on the east side of the coastal range. Shadow Mountain is a limited production winery that specializes in premium white and red table wines grown from grapes on this third generation family estate. Alexander and Pamela McGeary, the current owners acquired the estate in 1990 and have continued the family's dream and tradition of growing and producing premium varietal wine, grown in a unique micro-climate.

Their Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, and Syrahs have won several international awards. The Zinfandel, Carignane and Variation Three (a blend) plus the Viognier are fantastic. It's just so amazing to find this small, "very out of the way", off the beaten (wine) path winery that excels in so many vintages. So we took all our new wine facts plus our very pleasant "buzz" out under the Pepper tree for a lunch al fresco. Perfect!

This also begins Week 5 near Borrego Springs but building a "chapter" on the subject is now getting boring so I'll try to trick you with catchy side-trips! We had a visit today from another couple who have our "identical" motorhome, well almost, and are parked about a mile away out here in the boondocks. It's always fun to compare notes and what they've done/we've done, etc. An added cabinet, catalytic heater, small basement freezer, plus they built an earth oven outside for baking their bread, pizza, slow cooking - well, I think they offered a bit more ingenious ideas than we did.

Howard did find that two of our batteries have dead cells thus our solar charge has not been lasting nearly as long as it normally would, and we now need new batteries. Well, this lead to quizzing friends and internet chat groups about the pros and cons of 12 volt 8-D batteries (we have) versus 6 volt golf cart Trojans. The 6 volt golf cart won for more efficiency in our set-up so it looks like we will soon be replacing!

Oh well, we've been conservative for about a month anyway!

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