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Chiricahua Nat'l Monument Mtns

Balanced rocks

Cochise Mountain

View of valley down below

First part of January

Wow - it's Friday already. Beautiful day in Cochise County, Arizona! We finally got our Internet satellite dish up and running - YAHOO !!!

Haven't done a lot this week. Yesterday we drove almost 200 miles - went over southeast of Willcox to tour the Chiricahua National Monument and mountains. Gorgeous. From on top of the mountain you can see "Cochise Head", which is a natural mountain in the distance, but looks like the head of an Indian laying down. It's a totally different color than anything around it. The mountains are "rock formations laid down by volcanic deposits and sculpted by nature's elements". You can just imagine what it would have been like if there were "an Indian behind every rock". It was one of the places the Apaches used to ambush people going west. And you could see way out past the mountains to the canyon and flatlands. Of course I got to be on the outside of the windy road back down, seeing nothing but a thousand foot dropoff!

We then drove in a loop and cut back over to Tombstone and ate at the Longhorn again (where Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday used to eat...). Really good food there. We passed a lot of different scenery on the way - desert land with just scrub-brush trees on it, fields of grass that looked similar to wheat, patches of evergreens, areas of red clay dirt, some areas that actually had green grass, and always with mountains in the background. (Or at least what most people think of as mountains unless they've been to Alaska !!! - THOSE are mountains).

Gassed the car up on Thursday - $2.88/gallon. I think it's the cheapest we'll see as we head west. One thing we've noticed about the southwest is that things like dishes never dry. We wash them at night and put on the drainboard, and they're still wet in the morning! Had a little bit of rain last night, first we've had in the past month.

Gave Weebles a bath in a plastic tub this afternoon - he was not a happy camper.

Just heard my boss and his wife are going to have a baby - congratulations, Todd !!!

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