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We arrived in Anderson a few days ago and I love every moment of it. We are in the mountains surrounded by tall Pine, Oak and Spruce trees. It's quiet and peaceful. The people are friendly and down-to-earth. Trev says "We're in the sticks." and doesn't seem quit as blissful as I am.

Our fist day here we took a drive to find waterfalls. A disaster. We still don't have GPS and got lost several times making an hour and a half drive a four hour drive. We arrived in Cashiers fed up and hungry having not see even a drop of water. Our way back proved more fruitful as we found a waterfall but could only look at it from a distance. I had recommended the trip thinking it would be wonderful for the kids to swim in the falls. Now everyone was fairly grumpy and I had unintentionally confined the kids to the car for 6 hours the day before we were to start school. I felt awful.

The next day we started school. The first day went quite well and it has been getting better. Amongst the usual lessons each child has a project to do and they are really enjoying them. Elton is doing a project on a BIlly Joel song called We Didn't Start the Fire which is a song about the history of the USA starting the year Billy Joel was born. Elton has to present his project on Power Point with music and animations. Trisin's project is on Dolphins and Shan's is about mammals. Trev is Shan and Tristin's math teacher and will be teaching the kids about the 50 States geography. We share teaching them about history. Trev tends to be the one who tells them about the facts - when stuff happened who was involved and why and I add the anecdotes.

We decided we would stay here this week and get nto the routine of doing school before setting off again. It's so easy to be here. In the mornings I walk down a road through the forest. In the afternoons we swim in the pool. The evenings we have dinner outside and sometimes relax around the fire. Shan has made a friend with a girl with an accent so strong I can barely understand her. Yesterday I did the laundry and enjoyed it because there was nothing I had to rush to. I love watching the kids jump on their bikes and ride around the park or play on the playground.

The one that's struggling to adjust is Trev. There are no deadlines here, no office to go to, no staff meetings. He doesn't have yard work to do. It's just us and a whole lot of time to travel. He says he's not used to the lack of boundaries - it makes him uncomfortable. He's used to being goal orientated and he just has to be.

So that's where we are. I have no idea where we're going next. But i'm sure it'll be interesting.

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