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So, an early start to get to the airport for 7am but this was made really easy by the fab public transport system in Singapore. It really is very easy to get around and it's true what they say that it is incredibly clean.

Anyway, no upgrade this time but the flight passed quickly with a huge choice of film/tv/games etc and good food although I was beginning to feel fairly drained by this stage. We arrived on time in Perth, except an hour later than the original schedule as Perth was trying daylight savings again. So I think we're now 8 hrs ahead instead of 7?

My mum and dad's flight came in an hour after mine so we all met as planned and I was really glad to see them although could barely talk by that stage as I had nearly lost my voice. We picked up a hire car and then set off to our accomodation in Hillarys Boat Harbour which is about a 20min drive north up the coast from Perth. It's a beautiful spot and obviously very popular with Aussies during the Xmas holidays. There's a marina, loads of shops and restaurants and the view out to the Indian Ocean is wonderful.

Before checking into our apartment however I went to see a doctor (motherly concern ruling) and ended up on antibiotics as I have a throat infection and an infection in both ears. No wonder I'd been feeling rubbish the last few days so I've got to take it easy and give my voice a rest (not easy if you know my mother, her friend Tina and my dad, who's hearing isn't the best)! So much for my thoughts of doing some more diving here -but I'll see what the doc says when I go back on Friday.

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