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Ethan napping in his favorite place

Sisley all hooked up in the hospital in Florida

sisley with a very special visitor

What a nightmare!!!! But luckily Sisley survived it. On our way back to the States, somehow Sisley contracted Salmonilla bacteria which infected her blood. We were told later it is life threatening if not treated. So she spent a week in the hopsital in Fort Myers and then had to continue with in home care for another 6 days after that. She was on intervenous antiobiotics in the hospital and also after she was discharged from the hospital. The dr.s were keeping an eye on her, checking her blood every 2 days. As if matters couldn't get worse, her liver enzymes were going up. Finally after changing her antibiotics, they went down again and now she has finally gotten a clean bill of health.

Chris and I had a big decision to make, go home or continue this trip. We decided to re-route our whole trip by omitting any countries that were third world or did not have impeccible health care as Sisley's immune system is not as strong as it was when she first started out. The children did not want to go home. So now we're going to Hawaii to relax for 2 weeks (I think more for me so I can catch up on some sleep) and then we head to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and finally Europe. We are in Miami now and getting a flight out tomorrow (Jan. 25) to LA. We'll keep you posted in the next week or so. We're going to try to rent a place on one of the islands that has an active volcano. Thought that would be cool for the kids.

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