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Wall Drug

Wall Drug

Somewhere in Eastern South Dakota

Corn Palace, Mitchell South Dakota

Same Room

Different View

By Larry

Whenever we arrive at a new RV park and get our fifth wheel setup and I get a chance to sit in my recliner, that's when I always say to Diane. "Same room, just a different view."

That's what makes traveling in an RV so much more fun than a motel . Of course, motels don't have sewer hoses, but we have the privilege of knowing what drawer our shoes, shirts, and socks reside in. Diane can readily find her hair dryer as it is firmly attached to the wall in the same place each time she needs it, versus rummaging around through various suitcases, or if you have had time to put things in drawers and closets in your motel room, which drawer or closet is it in.

The big plus however, is when you need to get up in the middle of the night, knowing exactly how to navigate to the bathroom. Granted, in an RV it may be right next to you, but you know where it is, compared to heading off in your motel room and running into a wall because that's where the door to it was last time, or that is the way you get to it at home. Finding yourself in a closet and wondering where they put the commode and really not having time to try and find it can be kind of scary.

Our journey today began in Rapid City about 8:30 AM. We headed east to Pierre, the state Capital of South Dakota. It seems like kind of an obscure place in the middle of the state, not at all where a state capital should be. Kind of like Sacramento, Ca.

Along the way, we passed through thousands of acres of rolling grasslands, complete with grazing cattle. We noticed that the cows here seem to graze in formations, not at all like the ones at home. One herd had formed a large vee shaped pattern, like migrating geese. Kind of hard to figure why they were doing that. Don't think it was to reduce wind resistance as in the case of the geese, because they were not eating that fast. The other bunch was all together in a group. I thought they were trying to take advantage of each others shade, but that remains to be proven.

Anyway, after about an hours tour of Wall's Drug, (Probably the best known tourist trap in North America), we arrived at Farm Island State Park just a little SE of Pierre and settled in about 3:30 or so Central time. Yep we passed through our second time zone. Don't think Dick changed the last time so he is probably two hours behind the rest of us.

Had a get together at Don and Bonnie's rig to decide on our next stop, and try to kill half of the fly population of South Dakota. We were not successful with the flys but will go on to Mitchell, SD tomorrow to see the Corn Palace and pick up mail. Only one more day in SD. Seems like we have been here forever, but it was mandated by trying to find places to stay over the Fourth of July Holiday.

We arrived in Mitchell just about Noon today. Diane and I headed for the Post Office to see if our mail that had been forwarded really did get here. Yep, it had. After a small celebration and praise of the post office, we headed across the street to see the Corn Palace. Pretty impressive. Again,lots of stuff to sell to the tourists. Headed for Wal-mart and service station to refuel both the refrigerator and the truck. The truck was much more expensive as usuall.

Not sure where the next stop will be, as we do want to go to Minneapolis Mn, but it is too far for a single days travel. Will keep you informed.

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