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Tour Group at Tianamen Square

Beijing Acrobats

Beijing Acrobats2

Great Wall 3

Temple of Heaven 2

Hello again!

We're on a roll now...

As the tour started, we visited the Great Wall of China. Exquisite but very steep. We now know why they tell us to get fit before we come!!! It was a great day and we made it to the 12th tower - take our word for it - that's a long way up!

The next day was a free day to explore the city followed by a night out at the acrobats. Pretty amazing. We toured about the Temple of Heaven which was our first taste of the old Chinese architecture.

Tianamen Square and the Forbidden city was really interesting - loads of pictures taken, but our memory card bought at the Silk market for a "really good price" packed in on us. Lesson for the day: you get what you pay for! Luckily we got it refunded and have got pics from a friend on the tour.

Day 3 - we took a sleeper train (13 hrs!- 1200 kms) to X'ian...we'll tell you more about this exciting city soon.

Take good care everyone and enjoy the photos!



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