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Yesterday was a very difficult day. We all took Herta to visit a beautiful assisted living home. Dad, Herta, Margo, Shirley and I were there. Dad was encouraged that they had an apartment that could allow them to stay together pending a psychological exam of both plus some other things. One rule is that if the person is deemed to have a certain level of Alzheimer disease they must go to to the memory center of this home and the spouse cannot come. As expected Herta was not a candidate for the two people apartment. That was tough because Dad knew it was over at that point. While this may be difficult to understand 10 years or so ago it was agreed that when the time came for either of them to need to be institutionalized the families will take care of their relative. Margo has taken her legal and moral right to make decisions for her Grandmother. I am responsible for Dad. It has been mutually agreed that Dad will begin his life without Herta beginning Dec. 1. Herta will be living with Margo until time there is a room for her at the home. It could be next week or it could be 3 months. As you can imagine this has been a very trying time for everyone but Herta. We are working slowly with Dad to determine just where he wants to go. Rest assured there are many wonderful loving relatives who would let him live with them. Dad remains very sharp and really physically fit for a man 89 years old. He does believe these decisions are in both Herta and his best interest as sad as this is. I was tied up this morning and Shirley went to Church. I asked her to tell God thanks for me. Yesterday was a day filled with my petitions to the Lord. Prayers were answered in that Dad finally saw the situation for what we had all known. No pics today.

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