Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Dad with the nicest people. Ken and Kathy from the remediation co.

Dad with Carol the Allstate adjuster

Hunter, Margo's dog

We made it back from PA with little traffic, even in NYC which is a plus. Serious discussion and looming decisions need to be made by Dad. Today we met with the insurance company and the remediation folks and it went as well as it could. Dad and Herta will never get back in the house. We are all taking Herta to visit an assisted living home that specializes in Alzheimer patients. Then the big decision of leaving needs to be made by Dad. There are many who want him. We have taken our downstairs apartment off the market as an option for him. I suppose if he does not want to come with us we could move in as we decide to either fix up that house or buy a new one. This has not been an easy time for anyone, tempers can get short and things said in the heat of the moment. If Dad wasn't in such sharp mental condition he would be more amenable to giving in to what everyone feels is best for him. This perhaps is the most difficult part of this mess. We still don't know when we are leaving but it could be as soon as Monday. I hate leaving Margo to deal with the house issues since she works getting up at 4:30 and not getting home until 5. She and her boyfriend Tony and Herta's friend Astrida have been fantastic. However, we really are not guests after staying as long as we have and people need to get back to their lives. Sorry to be on a downer. Enjoy the pics.

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