Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

There used to be a bathroom next to the stairs

Close up view of the "bathroom"

Water filled almost up to where the carpet can be seen

Down to the studs

No big news from yesterday but I did get gutted pics of the lower level of the house, I spoke with FEMA and unknown to us they are sending a rather large check to cover living expenses for an additional two months. I continue to work with the remediation company and was finally able to put all my scratch notes into readable documents one for Allstate and one for FEMA. This will allow Herta's grand daughter to take over as seamlessly as possible when we leave. Thanksgiving is approaching and we just are not sure when we can leave. It will take us three days to get back to GA unless we really push it into two. I do want to be on premise when the Allstate Flood adjuster comes. I have been trying to get Dad to go with me to PA to see his son in law Lutz but his nose bleed has pushed that out. He did go to the doctor's yesterday who took the packing out and has told him to lay low for a couple of days. That is easier said than done. Shirley and I are staying at Astrida's home about a half mile away from where my parents are staying. I must say the few folks who are close by have done a marvelous job of putting up 6 people. Our hats are doffed for them. Here are the sad pics.

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