Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

L-R Displaced Marcus, Margo, Tony and Tubby

Water and oil was up to the next to last step

Part of the downstairs before demolition

More downstairs

Everything from downstairs oil soaked in backyard

Where the oil tank leaked

Downstairs bathroom prior to demolition

This beautiful shower is gone

Downstairs wallboard and rubble at the curb

This is a wonderful and polite company

I felt like was back working again in corporate America. Two phones working. Talking with FEMA and Allstate. Checking voice mails and changing a work order on the fly. Actually, it was a very successful day of getting the process moving forward. We now know that Allstate Flood will be out to do the assessment late in the week. In a couple of weeks FEMA will be out as well and Allstate again for the homeowners portion. We got on the phone with the remediation company and had their work order changed to demolition vs. drilling another well, this time in the crawl space. Let me explain. After talking with Allstate it was imperative that everything that was touched by the water and oil (250 gallons of heating oil) must come out of the house because their policy does not include mold clean up. The remediation company has pumped the oily water out and had done some demolition but there was still wallboard, a bathroom, dryer etc that was completely submerged. The reason for the wells is to check the soil for oil contamination and clean up. Their mode changed and three crews came out. Now all that is left are the wall studs. They are coming back today for the well drilling. Since you all are part of this situation via this blog I thank you for the prayers and thoughts during this trying time. I normally end with enjoy the pics but I am not sure these shots are enjoyable, just informative. Dad and I go to the doctor to check out his bloody nose and hopefully remove the packing. A trip to the hospital the other day was just what was needed. More tomorrow.

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