Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Free dinner before the meeting

There were a LOT of people there

The mayor gets things started



Shirley doctoring Dad

You should see the other guy

Quite an end and a beginning of the day. Margo, Dad and I went to a town hall meeting in Freeport to listen to experts from FEMA, HUD etc. and gleaned some good information on getting assistance. We came back to Margo's and at about 10 PM Dad's nose started to bleed and bleed a lot. We finally got it under control and everyone went off to bed. About 7:15 this morning it started again and even more. We called for the ambulance and he was transported to the nearby hospital where he was treated and released with a follow up visit to an ENT tomorrow. This all was aided by the fact Margo, Tony, Shirley and I were here. They need someone to be with them and Herta's health care worker is coming today to stay at Margo's. The excitement continues with us moving to their friend Astrida's house for sleeping. Not sure how long we are staying but Dad and I are going to PA to visit Margo's father for a day or two. This will allow the health care worker to have Herta by herself which doesn't often happen and Shirley will be on hand if necessary while Margo and Tony go back to work.We did find out at the meeting that as bad as their situation is there are those in much worse shape then they. Enjoy the pics.

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