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Shirley shoveling and Hunter catching

Thank God for Allstate and Dad

Among the destruction and chaos here on Long Island we found an oasis of sorts just a short distance from Margo's house called the Allstate Disaster Relief team. Allstate covers Herta's house for home owners and flood. We finally were able to make a claim on both policies and they gave Dad a nice sum of money from FEMA funds to cover the 14 day evacuation period for living expenses. The lines at the gas stations that are open have been cut in half because they have gone to an odd even gas rationing system. Margo and her boyfriend Tony brought pizza and wings for dinner and noticed there was no line at a station that just opened. Just so happens Dad, Margo, Tony and Shirley's truck all had odd numbers. They raced down and filled up and were back home in about 15 minutes, people have been waiting up to 8 hours in these lines. So, all in all a good day. Dad and Herta have moved into Margo's home which is about a mile from their house. My brother Glenn was back yesterday and we did a little sight seeing and had lunch. Dad had a good time. Thanks to Astrida, Herta's best friend for taking them in for a number of days. Shirley and I will be staying at her home beginning tomorrow because the health care worker who was staying at Dad's house is coming to stay at Margo's to provide needed care for Herta. This has been a very difficult time for her and her normal confusion is heightened with all that is going on. It is very sad to see how much her disease has advanced. Decisions are looming. Thanks for all the emails and messages and prayers so many of you are sending. It appears an adjuster should be out to look at the damage with in a week. Enjoy the pics.

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