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Bruned ruins of a popular fish market on the Nautical Mile in...

Not open ever

This boat crossed the Atlantic via outboard motor. It floated 3 blocks...

Snowy night on LI

The whirlwind is over for a few days. After 1300 miles we pulled into Freeport NY where Dad and Herta are staying with a friend. Dad and I toured the house where over 250 gallons of heating oil mixed with about 6 feet of sea water filled the lower levels of their home. The environmental workers have done a good job of clean up but more is needed. We then toured favorite haunts of ours by the water and it is indeed sad the damage that is evident everywhere. A winter storm also hit the area Wednesday night which added insult to injury to those who still do not have electric from Sandy. Some traffic lights are still out, lines hanging low over roads and gas lines stretching a mile long! I just read that NYC and LI are instituting an odd even gas rationing program beginning today that should ease the lines a bit. We filled up on the Jersey Turnpike just before coming into NY but not sure how much of that will last or if we will be on the gas line prior to our return trip. Dad and Herta are as good as displaced people can be. Herta's grand daughter Margo has said they can stay with her as long as needed and the health care worker that was at their house is returning Monday. Herta continues her slide into the Alzheimer abyss which adds another layer of problems to an already difficult situation. Our goal is to lend moral support to Dad, He does not want advise so we are here to listen and help in any way we can. I really wish the house would be condemned but it is structurally sound. Anyway, that's an update. The snow is pretty but not what these folks needed at this moment. My brother Glenn will also make a return visit to LI today and we are looking forward to seeing him. Enjoy the pics.

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