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Reddish Egret

sometimes hard to see

most of the group gathering for lunch

kayaks all in a row

different angle

juvenile white Ibis

siblings I bet

Bunche Beach is a park near the causeway to Sanibel. It has a great launch site, a vendor who rents kayaks, and reasonable parking fees, so it is very popular with the Carefree crowd. When all 18 kayaks from our group got on the water, we headed out to the Gulf and spent our time there. We saw the causeway to Fort Myers Beach on our left, the open Gulf straight ahead of us, the lighthouse on Sanibel in the distance slightly to our right, and the Sanibel causeway to our right. In order to travel up the gulf, we had to go out into the open water to avoid sandbars and most of us got wet because at least one wave washed over the boat.

I saw that reddish egret just before stopping for lunch on Plover Island (that had no birds on it today) and was happy to be able to get a picture of it.

When we got back to the launch site, I followed the channel a little bit and saw those two immature white Ibises and vowed that next time, I will stay in the channels and not go out into the Gulf at all!

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