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Carpe Diem at the Sky City Casino RV Park

Lava flow along I 40
An excellent example of lava flow in the...

Church at Sky City

The FMCA rally group at Sky City

Sky City

Sky City

Valley north of Sky City

Bread baking oven at Sky City

Valley west of Sky City
Bob enjoys the spectacular view

Sat, 19 Sep: Another quick trip day...

Today we, along with fourteen other coaches attending the Roving Rally, moved twenty some miles east along I 40 to the Sky City Casino RV Park in Acomita Lake. The way things were supposed to work is that the folks who would get us all registered were to leave first and when the rest of us arrived they'd have us all set up.

With that in mind we delayed our departure till ten, fairly late for us. We drove at our normal sedate pace and arrived about half past ten. The campground was pretty much empty and there were no other rally participants in sight. We parked in an empty site and waited. in dribs and drabs the bulk of the other folks arrived and we proceeded to mill around in a clockwise (today being an odd number date) fashion until the registration folks finally showed.

We finally got our space assignments and, of course, none of the assigned spaces matched the spaces we were currently occupying, precipitating a mass shuffle of motorhomes that would have looked quite funny if viewed from above. We finally got settled into our spot, levelled, and set up.

By then it was lunch so we dug into our cache of leftovers. We're now busily working on our computers until Happy Hour starts at 1630 followed by a pot luck. Tomorrow we'll take the Sky City tour. It is supposed to be quite an interesting tour so we'll report on that anon.

On another note, as if we didn't have enough aggravation. We have both been very concerned about the future direction of the Windows operating system. Bob is running Windows 8.1 on his computer and Sandi Windows 7 on hers. This forced migration to Windows 10 concerns us due to the built in and, apparently unconfigurable, reporting "features".

As a result we've decided to give Linux another go. We both used Linux for years unril Sandi's laptop died and the new one had Windows 7 installed. We've been in a love/hate relationship ever since. Well, Bob bought a Ubuntu Linux release and installed it on his "old" machine. This is the first post using the new operating system and we think we made a good move. Goodbye Windows!!!

Sun, 20 Sep: We tour Sky City...

This morning was one of those dreaded alarm clock mornings. We really don't care much for setting the alarm, but we had strict orders to be ready to leave at 0830 sharp! In order to comply we set our alarm to give us sufficient time to complete our morning ablutions, dine, etc.

Believe it or not, a first for any RV group activity we've ever encountered, we actually left at 0826, four minutes early! A string of vehicles wound its way from the Sky City Casino/RV Park to the Sky City Cultural Center some twenty miles to the south. We arrived with plenty of time to spare for our 0930 tour.

Once our tour was called we piled into two mini-busses for the short ride to Acoma Pueblo located atop a sheer-walled, 367-foot sandstone bluff. It is the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America having been occupied since 1150AD. While there is no electricity or running water the settlement is occupied by tribal elders and other tribal members seeking return to their historic values.

The 1½ hour tour visited all areas of the Pueblo including the church and burial grounds (both of which are no-photo zones). Scattered throughout the Pueblo were vendors hawking goods and trinkets. Those of you that know us well already know that we not only didn't buy anything—we didn't even stop to look.

Following the tour we had a catered lunch at the Culteral Center. We both ordered the green chili, but by the time they got to the "S"es it was all gone so we had to settle for red chili. It was good, but those that had the green chili remarked about how spicy it was...

We are now back at the coach and back on our computers. The Linux installation is going well and Bob is about to tackle the marvels of printer installation. Listen carefully, you may well hear his gnashing of teeth and primordial screams.

As is the norm, Happy Hour will take place at 1630 followed by dinner on our own. Tomorrow is another road day, this time to Santa Fe. It is a tad over one hundred miles so it should be an easy day.

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