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Pretty good graffiti!

Ohla, Aquila, Vincente, and ?

Alessandro, and Pavarotti standing!

The party I stumbled upon!!!

Rosario and Pav!!!

Very fun!!!

Peddling flowers! No thanks!

Never to old for hugs!

Vincente, a Pescara Paulie!!! Identical personalities, physique and charisma!!

??? No name!

No!!!! These are not Mine!!!! :) but getting there!

After a very long train ride, the regional ones stink! , I arrived in pescara about 5pm. I decided to walk through town, luggage in tow......get a little air and scope out some hotels! I had done some research on several and thought I settled on a beach property. It was a little too far out, I was tired, so I went back near the centrale and booked the Hotel Alba! It had fabulous reviews on the hotel site. I have a single room with little balcony overlooking the city centro. After being in solitude for 8 days, figured I needed a little city action. :)... I went next door for a vino rosso and appetizer....met a nice gentleman and his wife who live right there, and they gave me restaurant and sites to see suggestions! Lo and behold, Paulie Pita's twin arrives!!!! I am in trouble, I feared!!! To say the least, next thing you know, I am at a table of 6....the whole place knowing eachother !!! There was Alesandro, Rosario, Ahlo, Vicente - (Paulies twins name) and many other folks I do not remember! They all introduced me as Patricia from FL-OOOO-REEDA!!!!! a lot of fun! One guy , Aquila thought he was Pavorotti....belting out Italian songs, with other "wannabes" joining in!!! It was fantastic! I am meeting them tomorrow night at 8pm, and we are all going to a Brazillian party at a club! Mote problema!!!! The party starts at 23:00!!!! 11pm!!!! Right up Ricky's alley, me...not so much, I am the morning soul that loves her day....we will see if I make the party. They also invited me to the beach.....I think I will explore alone, and walk to the town of Montesilvano...seaside!!! A brand new day awaits me....,I feel an adventure coming on!!!! I had a fabulous dinner of spinach and ricotta homemade gnocchi!!!!! Ciao and buona notte!!!!

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