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Our backyard

The Stone Mountain

The "Rig"



In a stunning announcement the commissioner of the FTCL (Full Timer Camping League)says rookie sensation Shirley VanDuzer has been traded to Team Orilio along with her new bike. In return Team Strachan has acquired the veteran Don Orilio, his bike and cash considerations. League rules stipulate there is a 7 day "burn in" period to assure both teams benefit from the transaction. If the commissioner feels each team did not fully benefit from the trade it can be reversed. Neither team or camper has commented. What is really happening is our great friends Don and Jeanne Orilio are meeting up with us today in North Georgia. Shirley is going off with Jeanne and working on a women's build for Habitat for Humanity. Don is coming with me and we are going to 2 Braves games and a minor league game. Don and I are then going to Lake Lanier camping and boating with my friend John VanCamp. Hard to tell which "new" team is going to have more fun. Enjoy the pics.

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