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Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles

This was taken out my window while Tom was driving, yeah Palm...

Some more Cyprus Trees, they grow right in the water

Entrance to Rainbow Plantation, Summerdale, Alabama

Debbie holding up the sign (smile)

Before we left we joined about 10 Amateur Radio friends for a...

Took this for my cousin, Mary call her Louise, but her real...

An interesting bridge

This jet was displayed at a rest stop along our route

Florida Law! It is now a law in about 38 of the...

Wow we left Livingston, TX this morning at 6:45am heading for Florida. We drove around 525 miles arriving at the Rainbow Plantation Campground (Escapees Campground) here in Summerdale, AL.

During our drive today we went through Lake Charles, Louisiana home of a good friend of ours Dick and Marilyn. Then we crossed the Mississippi River at Baton Rough, Mississippi at noon time. So we are now officially "East of the Mississippi" which is the dividing line dividing our country by east and west. This is the first time we have been east of the Mississippi since leaving for our winter caravan with John and Jan back on Jan. 9, 2011. Debbie say's it is nice to be back "home" meaning back on the east coast.

Tonight we stayed at another Escapee Rainbow Parks known as "Rainbow Plantation". It is located in Alabama.

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