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Traveling along the Fraser Canyon

First we were along the Fraser River, then the Thompson River

Along the Thompson River the canyon took on a more desert look

We saw ruins of the old Gold Rush days like abandoned houses...

Now the plant life became very much like the deserts in the...

We passed by a cattle round up with cowboys

One of the cowboys had to strike out to catch a stray

Here is desert hills and cattle pens and lush green grazing land

Every now and then a little color would show in the mountains

We arrived in Clinton - big welcome sign for a little town

There was an old Anglican church

They have their own version of a "sign post forrest"

Most of the signs were unreadable, faded and weather worn

Our destination for the night, Gold Trail RV

Michael the owner manager chief cook and bottle washer also sells bedding...

. . . but Michael can't take a decent photo

Today the three rigs traveled up the Gold Rush Trail through the Fraser Canyon along the Fraser River and then its branch, the Thompson River. The landscape turned from forest to desert, with plants that looked like our South West desert. This town was originally the site of the 47 Mile Roadhouse, a gold rush settlement along the Cariboo wagon trail.

The town has its own sign forest for visitors to sign on wooden slats donated by the local sawmill.

Our camp for the night was Gold Trail RV and the whole place and its owner was very unique. Michael was the owner, manager, cook, maintenance as well as the local Tourist Information Center and he also sold bedding plants. He was a big tease and jokester, so you had to have thick skin to have a conversation with him.

His diner was open to the townsfolk as well as travelers and he fixed lunch and dinner, so we all had dinner in there. He has a sign that says this is not Burger King; you can’t have it your way. I asked him to snap a photo of our group and he gave me a bad time about it so I was lucky to get the photo that I did.

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