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Our new toaster

New coffee pot - don't we live an exciting life!

Peter working on the Audi

My view watching Peter work on the Audi

Our yard - just right for us

My new Gilda Rock

The Ritchie's


Today is a miscellaneous journal day.

Peter and I decided to spend some of his pay cheque at the new Walmart. We chose to go for a more modern theme. We were happy to find and purchase a new chrome looking toaster and coffee pot - hey we had to match our fridge!

It was a beautiful day and I took advantage of it by sitting outside on the swing watching Peter work on the Audi. I know it's a hard job but someone has to do it!

I was invited with the Museum staff to the Haig-Brown B&B for dinner this last Wednesday evening. The Museum hires the personnel to run the B&B and to look after the historic home, Haig-Brown's books, the garden, etc. We also have tours of the gardens and afternoon tea's at the house. Now that the Museum staff has had the opportunity to see the home and gardens we can tell the tourists about it and suggest it as another stop while in Campbell River. We had a great evening eating, visiting, and playing games. One of the games played was actually an auction. We were all given pennies to bid on bags of 'stuff'. We had no idea what was in the bag but we were given a few vague and comical clues! People 'bought' paper clips, books, candles, jewelry, etc. I purchased a bag containing my 'Gilda frog rock'. Their website is and I guess they will not be around much longer - that is a shame. The rock is really cute and fits nicely in the palm of my hand.

The wooden plaque "The Ritchie's" was purchased by Peter back in the 60's for his mom and dad. On the last visit with Ian, he presented Peter with the plaque as well as a little book with the following inscription: To Peter Michael William Ritchie, In memory of his Confirmation, May 24, 1953 and signed by the minister.

So, as you see we had a hodge podge of stuff to share today. Hope you enjoy the photos and the memories. Till next time, Peter & Connie

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