Dan In The South Pacific 2006 travel blog

The middle of nowhere

The three sisters rock formation (Mary, Maude and Kate)

A snake

The three sisters from another view, this side is the dragons back

Rock art


Road Train


Sunrise (2)

The bus

The "Jolly Swagman" from Waltzing Matilda in Winton

Banjo Patterson in Winton

Mainstreet Winton on a Sunday

Day 2 of my trip to the center began on a bit of a sour note. The previous night we had been given the option as a group to leave promptly after breakfast and then drive out to see the sunrise in the outback. Swift movement can be difficult in the morning especially when 39 people have almost no bathroom space. We ended up getting out to a decent spot, but didn't get to "the best spot".

Our next destination was Winton. A small outback town which was where Banjo Patterson was when he composed the poem that became "Waltzing Matilda". We watched a DVD about a camel trek from Winton to Boulia that was done traditionally to reach the annual camel races. It was interesting and it was weird to see camels in a race because they are gangly. Anyways we got to Winton and it was Sunday, so they had pretty much rolled the streets up. There was nobody around. This town is unique for its wall of Junk created by one of the townspeople. It is a wall that has all sorts of junk set in the cement. It is also the birthplace of Qantas airlines and is a town with some historical significance. Most people just don't know about it.

We then drove on to Carisbrooke cattle station where we had lunch. We took a walk to see some Aboriginal rock art in Python gorge and saw some nice scenery. This cattle station was used as a set for the outback in the movie "The Proposition" which starred Guy Pearce. After lunch we continued on to Middleton Pub where we met the organizer of the camel trek that we watched on DVD. Middleton Pub is a nowhere stop. After we left Middleton we watched "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" which is a movie about drag queens that travel to Alice Springs. I just had to shake my head during this as it is perhaps the stupidest movie ever and some of the parts especially the one involving ping pong balls were repulsive. During this leg of the trip we also came across a calf that had been hit by a road train. It was only going to die so the driver smashed its head in with a length of pipe. The real outback is crazy.

We arrived in Boulia in the evening, and it was a second choice stop because our original destination was supposed to be a cattle station. Apparently the managers had abandoned the station prior to us leaving Cairns so this was our alternate plan. We had a decent meal and then slept because we had a 6:00 leave time the next day.

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