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Quite a bargain indeed

A Dothan fave for dinner

Okay, by the numbers. Six states 600 miles and 116 electoral votes. As you see we are in Harrisburg PA with just 200 miles to go to get to Dad and Herta on Long Island where they are experiencing snow and high winds with potential flooding and power outages again. Shirley's truck is running great but we have questionable tires for snowy conditions. Here are the promised statistics from 20 months on the road. In total we have driven 46,479 miles. In year two 17,186 miles. We have spent $3481 on camping for an average o $14.20 a night (6% tax makes it $15.06). We have spent 113 free nights in year two alone! That is an incredible 46% of our nights! Again, thanks to family, friends, free campgrounds and an increasing number of Walmarts, Pilots, Flying J's and Camping World the latter of which are entering our nightly stops more now that the "sight seeing" part of our adventure is winding down. Fuel has cost us $5151.43 for year two with an average price per gallon of $3.819 and an average MPG of 12.71. Finally, we have spent $1846 on fun in year two with a savings of $171 (9.3%). These fun items are only things we purchased tickets for and not dinners OR doing laundry. Here's what's coming up. After we leave Dad's we will be heading back to GA to do some work at Darci and John's and spending Thanksgiving with them and John's Mother Malone. The Sunday following we will be in Cordova AL for a 3 week NOMAD project. In mid December we will visit Collins in Dothan AL and then come back to North Florida to spend time relaxing, looking for another home at the beach (we will probably sell ours and get a done one), put our Decatur house on the market and do a NOMAD project here and there. We have our sights on being out on our adventure through at least our 2 year anniversary March 7. I am on the computer (will miracles never cease)and catching up on a couple of shots from our visit with Collins and Scott (when was that again?) Enjoy the pics.

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