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Miss Lily enjoying a pony ride...

Love this shot!

Careful, I think they spit!

Beautiful Siberian Tiger...

Ohhh so cute...

Wonder if it feels soft?

Cute goats, turn around Miss Lily!

Love this pic!

Happy Birthday Lily, we love you tons!

Well, we're all packed up & ready to hit the road tomorrow morning. We'd planned to head out this morning if the winds had died down from yesterday. They had, but guess what? It was snowing! Yep, and it was 37 degrees outside, brrrrrr....It melted off very quickly & the sun peeked in & out all day but it never got over 55 degrees. We weren't feeling very motivated to move. We also heard from friends Harold & Jeanette that the wind had arrived in Utah, so we checked out the forecast for our travel route. It improves greatly as the week progresses, thank goodness.

Bottom line, we head into Utah tomorrow, destination Capitol Reef National Park. We usually visit the Zion/Bryce area so this will be a new experience for us. Always look forward to seeing a new area. We understand it is beautiful & the weather is supposed to be in the 70's.

Today is our beautiful granddaughter Miss Lily's 6th birthday. We spoke to her briefly on the phone & she was having a great day making cupcakes. We received a couple of new pics of her enjoying a parade & a wild animal park this past week & were amazed at how she's grown. She sounds like a teenager on the phone, oh my!

Mom is having a good week and we're thankful for that. It's been nice spending the past month with her & sister Lori. I tried to talk her into coming to South Dakota with us for a couple of weeks but it didn't work out for her this time. Her cardiologist appointment is in 10 days & she really can't miss it. She said 'maybe next year'. We'd sure love to share it with her. I know she'd love the area & we'd love for her to meet our 'Dakota' friends too!

Well, better hit the sack soon. We plan to get a reasonably early start, you know, about 11am, lol! So, we'll see where we wind up at day's end and I'll let you know. Thanks for stopping by! Goodnight....

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