Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Mlalone getting her chicken cacciatore

John, Blondie and moi


One of the three cats


Sunset over Griffin GA

Darci prepping for her costume

Darci as the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty

As daylight rose over Long Island the electric was still off and phones did not work. Dad and Herta had moved to slightly higher ground at Herta’s grand daughter’s house a mile away. No one knew or could watch TV to see the devastation down the street. When the water receded enough to go to home there was about 8 feet of it in the bottom part of their split level. The water almost made it to the top floor and everything that had been put up downstairs was floating in a mix of salt water and heating oil. Dad and Herta are staying with a friend whose home immaculately still had electric and phone service. Dad went back to the house in the afternoon and those who didn't take their cars when they evacuated lost them. Dad had driven his to his exit point. Now the hard part, what to do. Since there is oil in the house the environmental folks are on their way to advise. My brother in law Lutz is coming to help with the cleanup first pumping water out of the house. The flood insurance will certainly take care of the majority of the expense but how long they will be out of their home is up in the air. For those who do not know, my step mother Herta has advancing Alzheimer’s. The best news is they are safe. The rest will take care of itself. Please keep them in your prayers. Other than that Mrs. Kennedy (as they say) there was windy and cold normalcy here in Georgia. I did some shopping and Shirley took John’s mother Malone shopping as well. We all put together a great chicken cacciatore dinner and enjoyed the conversation. John and Darci are hoping to still place their lone rescue puppy but as the days go on the three of them are growing closer. Happy Halloween too all you ghosts and goblins. Enjoy the pics.

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