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All hooked up, and nowhere to go.

We replaced our car dolly and Oldsmobile with a flat-towing Chevy Tracker.

When you see a motorhome flat-towing a car, figure almost $4,000 installed.

Looks complicated, but it is easier than loading and securing the old...

The braking system helps a lot, and is required when towing over...

This is our old car dolly, I sold it on Craig's List.

The rubber roof was wearing out and showing a lot of black,...

We replaced our front television with a new 32" flat screen.

The old 26" flat screen has a new home in the bedroom.

The new Safe-T-Alert detects a propane gas leak and shuts down the...

When you reach retirement age, weeks are about 4 days long, and every other day seems like Friday or Saturday. I've got to get one of those clocks that only tells you what day it is.

It's amazing how fast the Fall went by, and here we are, still parked in the farmyard in Minnesota, with no real plan for getting on the road. I have a trip drawn with an erasable marker on the "Cracker Barrel Restaurant" map behind the plexiglass in the galley, and it shows us heading from here through Colorado ski country and winding up in Laughlin, Nevada. 1800 miles, and it takes us right past the bank in Frisco, Colorado where I was president over 20 years ago. I'll waive as we drive by. But, we've already stayed here too long, so now we're kind of obligated to stick around for Thanksgiving, but please, no ... not Christmas, too.

I've been getting ready, and we could pull out in an hour, if we actually had to. The 75 gallon gas tank is full of $3.20 gas, thanks to the ritual lowering of gas prices just before a presidential election to thank whatever bum is in office. In anticipation of the 60 mile uphill trip from Denver to the Eisenhower Tunnel at the top of the mountain, I had the radiator serviced and flushed, and it is running much cooler than before, and the new flat-towing installation includes a braking system to keep our 3,000 pound Chevy Tracker from trying to climb over the motorhome as we head down the other side.

The motor in our Oldsmobile went out this summer, and I bought a Chevrolet Tracker 4x4 as a replacement. This is a vehicle built for "flat-towing" with all 4 wheels on the ground, and not having a dolly saves me several hundred pounds back there. I called "Camping World" to inquire about the cost of getting all of that hooked up, the tow bar, safety cables, base plates on the vehicle, tail-light hookup, a braking system, and was quoted $3,800 with tax. I had to improve on that, and did, by buying a used tow bar assembly and braking system on Craig's List, and I found a better prices online on other items that I needed new. When it was all done, I'd spent $1,900, half of that original quote.

With time to kill, and a few bucks left from not smoking for 48 years, I had the roof recoated, something it needed badly after 20 years of service, and I couldn't pass up a great deal on a 32" flat screen television, and a folding 6' ladder to make it easier for Hazel to wash the motorhome now and then. The propane gas leak detector needed replacing, as did my fresh water pump, so there went a few hundred more.

I've been watching the "road kill bin" at the local supermarket, and have both freezers stuffed with good deals on steaks and chops, the storage bins in the motorhome are filled with canned goods, so we're ready for the road, or the next hurricane, whichever comes first.

I talked to a fellow from New Jersey last night, a victim of "Hurricane Sandy". He's been without electricity for 2 weeks, except for a small generator to keep his refrigerator and freezer going, plus a few lights and a television. I asked him if he had a good gas supply for the generator, and he said "Actually I didn't, and I had to drive all the way to Pennsylvania to buy 50 gallons". When I mentioned that I was in my motorhome, with a 4,000 watt generator and 75 gallons of gasoline, I could hear envy over the phone.

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