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View of Bully Hill Vineyard vineyard on east side of Keuka Lake...

Bully Hill Vineyard vineyard.

Bully Hill Vineyard grapes that are a French/American blend that are less...

Our tour guide at the press area.

Barrels that hold the red grape juice and skins for weeks. Grape...

Tasting area.

Pouring one of 5 wine samples from very dry to very sweet.

My favorite wine taster.

Swirlling a very dry Tuscan-style dry red with a hint of raspberry...

The Foch goes down.

The Foch very dry red wine resulted in a pucker and rated...

Lunch at the Bully Hill Restaurant.

Vineyard visitor reading about the history of Bully Hill Vineyard.

Good eats.

My favorite grape smasher. : )

August 12 – Visit to Curtis Aviation Museum and Bully Hill Vineyards in Hammondsport, NY

We got up early and were at the Curtis Aviation Museum when it opened at 9 AM. Glenn H. Curtis was an engineer/inventor who developed many early airplanes and motorcycles. The museum contains a large collection of Curtiss' airplanes, motorcycles and engines that he designed and used. Mr. Curtis is the Curtis in the Curtis-Wright Company name.

We next visited the Bully Hill Vineyards just north of Hammondsport on the west hillside of the Keuka Lake – one of the finger lakes. Our tour guide was very informative. 12 varieties of red and white grapes are grown. Most are French/American hybrids that are less susceptible to disease. Only New York State grapes are used and it is the largest producer of these wines.

A grandson of the original Taylor did not believe that the Taylor wine contain chemicals or have water added. The grandson, Greyton H. Taylor, started growing his own grapes with the Bully Hill brand name.

After our tour, we visited the tasting room and for $2 tasted 5 wines from very dry to sweet. Most were great but I would have to learn to love the very, very dry Foch variety. It caused me to pucker. See the photo. :)

After our tasting experience, we lunched at the Bully Hill Restaurant overlooking the Keuka Lake and Bully Hill vineyards.

The vineyard property had many varieties of flowers and I enjoyed taking photos of them. I will load the flower photos in the August 13 entry.

Tomorrow, we will travel to Lake Placid, NY in the northeast part of the state.

Have a great day.

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