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A quick glance of 108 Mile Ranch Heritage Site

Green rolling hills, so different from yesterday

Oh, Oh - we see rain ahead

Cliffs along the Fraser River

Colorful fields of . . . dandilions

Larry says B.C. uses good equipment

One of many colorful little farms

Another pretty lake and little farm . . .

. . . Oh, not a farm - logging trucks!

We passed a couple of historic sights today. Even though in the mid 1980's when the Canadian Minister changed the country to the metric system, the names of the settlements along the Cariboo Gold Rush Trail remained in Miles. The settlements were called such names as 70 Mile House, 100 Mile House, 108 Mile Ranch. We drove past the Heritage Site, but Bruce & Susan wanted to stop and visit it. The Heritage Site has relocated some of the original log buildings from the old 108 Mile Ranch to be displayed along Highway 97 for tourists.

Since Larry retired from a Caterpillar Dealer, he was very pleased to see so many pieces of CAT equipment being used for their road improvements, and we were sometimes detained and got to see them in action.

We saw many verdent farms on today's drive, so different from yesterday's desert scenery. I was catching a photo of a "farm" next to a little lake (there's water everywhere, lakes - ponds - rivers) and then I noticed that it wasn't a farm at all but a lot filled with logging trucks.

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