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Two unsuspecting travellers

Next corner, 300 miles

K on the Nullabor

K on the high street in Cook (population 4)

The failed hospital advertising campaign

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And repeat for 2 days...

B: It seemed like a good idea to catch the Indian-Pacific train across Australia. The journey from Perth to Adelaide to 2 days during which time we had the "luxury" of a reclining seat. If you look in the brochure you'll see happy smiling people enjoying the ride. In reality, it's just a loooooong train journey. I was glad to have the Count of Monte Chrito to read which at 1200+ pages is the biggest book I've ever read (and I highly recommend it). K had picked it up in a hostel in Cairns and had finished it so she moved on to War and Peace which is a trifling 1400+ pages.

The main reason to do the journey was to see the interior of Australia. In this respect we weren't disappointed. The journey crosses the Nullabor Plain which is flat as far as you can see and then some. At one point the driver announced that the corner we just went around was the last one for 478km making this part the longest section of straight railway in the world. It was quite strange to go to sleep then wake up 8 hours later, having traveled all night, to see the same landscape.

K: We got to stop off in a town called Cook, current population 4! It essentially only exists as a refuelling water station for the train and it was very bizarre to wonder around. It used to be much bigger and even have its own hospital and school but these have been long since abandoned. When they were trying to save the hospital they started the campaign of "If your crook, come to Cook" but, unfortunately, not enough people did and it closed down. The hospital was knocked down and you can walk over the site, there is also a plaque still there telling you how they raised the money to build it through donations. I couldn't live here, I found it very sad and was glad to get back on the train on our way to somewhere that had some life about it.

Long train journeys are supposed to be romantic, not in red kangeroo class though. We even had several drunken youths running up and down at 2 am while us old farts were trying to sleep - they of course turned out to be British, oh the shame. The journey was cheap, but never ever again - not with out sleeping pills anyway.

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