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Our new Select Step, note the AirDeck & the wide place for...

Larry's been washing & waxing all week, nice & level here...

Time to take a ride, I'm ready!

There's a light breeze today, feels good to be out here....

We spotted a big horn sheep on the side of the mountain...

He struck a nice pose for us!

The water is so blue, so pretty & clear too!

This 'duck couple' swam with us, begging & begging, they just kept...

Just sitting back enjoying, letting the current take us home!

Dragging my toes in the freezing cold water! Feels refreshingly nice though,...

Have I mentioned that we bought a new ladder? We've not been happy with the height or the stability of our current model so decided to invest in one of the Little Giant's. We'd seen an infomercial on them but didn't realize there are many makes & models. After a bit of research we finally settled on the Select Step. It features a wide base, extra deep rungs & came with what's called an AirDeck. The AirDeck serves as a safety handle & has a work tray that has multiple functions. It also weighs considerably less than some of the other models which is of course important as well. Pretty cool, if you can call a ladder cool, lol!

Friday we enjoyed trolling up & down the river for about three hours. We were disappointed in our fishing results but still had an enjoyable time. I had one bite and that was it! Bummer....They release 3,000 trout every Friday morning so we were expecting great things. Ah well, guess we'll just have to eat our Alaska salmon & halibut! Summer is here in full force & it is hot. We're supposed to hit 99 today, trust me, I'm not loving that! I'm ready to move on to cooler places, soon.

We're here until next Friday & then will be returning to Vegas for a few days before heading out to visit with Mom & Lori for a bit. Mom is back home now & I'm sure enjoying the cooler weather in Ely. For family members reading this, her health seems to be remaining about the same. They are continuing to monitor her magnesium levels as well as her meds. She's had a chest cold & cough for a couple of weeks & is currently taking an antibiotic for chest congestion/infection. But she assures me she is fine. We're looking forward to seeing her & celebrating Mother's Day together.

Sunday Bonnie & Larry are coming to spend the day with us. I think the guys are going fishing and I've got my fingers crossed for them. They want to hook into one of the big striper's we know are in the river. They've caught some as large as 100 pounds recently. Oh my, wouldn't that be fun! Bonnie's birthday was Friday so we plan to celebrate that while she's here as well.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by & have a great day!

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