Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Kathy, Alfred, us and our clock

Scene from Shirley's bike ride

Old water tower on Emory University Campus

Billy, Linda and Shirley

Stone Mountain

Nice fall scene at Stone Mountain

Great picture Shirley

All the colors are out

Our site, finally

We have wrapped up our two days of "home town" errands and it has been a whirlwind. We stopped by our Church and talked with a few folks who were there, it is pumpkin sales time. We had a nice visit with Kathy, Alfred, Betty,and Mary Ellen. We saw our wonderful Grandfather clock which is still looking great in the welcome center. Shirley had a doctor's appointment, we had another great Publix lunch then on to my dreaded chore. We have 3 virtually new tires for the big honkin' dually under our house in Decatur. I tried to have them mounted over 6 months ago when we were here but the major tire dealers would not put used tires on. So off to a shade tree mechanic which had me on edge. I went to a used tire place not in the best part of town. The first place could not physically do the work, the truck was too big. I found a Hispanic used tire place nearby and they said they could do it and they did! I was a little nervous since they did not have a rack and all 3 tires were off the truck at the same time held by hydraulic jacks. It all worked out and it cost just $40. Shirley took a bike ride while I was getting the tires then off for a quick visit to Billy and Linda's (our next door neighbors who have made multiple appearances on this blog). We didn't stay real long but we had a good time catching up since last we saw them at their camp in Western NY. By the way a Class A motor home pulled into the spot we had such trouble with the other day and they worked and worked to get level and finally gave up. Misery loves company so I went over and told them of the problems we had. When they got the bus up on its jack 3 of the 4 wheels were off the ground and it was sliding off the pad. They finally gave up and slept lopsided. Shortly we will be putting the camper back on the truck. Hopefully we won't have any further difficulties. I have switched browsers and finally have pics. When I have time I will go back to the previous blogs and add the pictures and let you know. Enjoy these pics.

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