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Date: July 31, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: sunny

Temperature: start 55º

High 69º

Wildlife count: Sea Otter

Year List: 260

Birds: Dark-eyed Junco, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Common Raven, Bald Eagle, Northwestern Crow,

Today was to have been the first day of our Interpretative Certification course, but our Visitor’s Center director was still out at Dutch Harbor, over 800 miles away. The weather was too poor for a flight out, and the forecast didn’t promise anything until at least tomorrow evening. That is part of the issue with access to the islands that comprise the refuge – they are so often inaccessible either by sea or air. Often, the boat waits several days just to be able to approach an island.

So, our other volunteer couple spent part of the morning pulling invasive weeds and had the rest of the day off. They hiked down Diamond Ridge and walked back on the beach to our RV Park. Max called sometime after 4 and said they would be waiting, and since it was sunny and warm, we told them to make themselves comfortable at our site and we’d be along in a while. When we got home, we drove them back up to the parking area so they could retrieve their car, without having to walk back up the beach and up the bluff. Their highlight was a seal haulout halfway down the beach. So, we may just have to try that trail – they would take us back to our car as well. It would take some planning, as the steepness of the trail requires it to be dry, and the 6 mile one-way hike necessitates a low tide. We’ll have to look at it carefully.

When we got back, John grilled chicken, which we paired with a salad and corn – simple but filling. On our evening walk, we saw a pair of sea otters playing in the water, after which we enjoyed an evening of reading.

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