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Entry to Jackson Street Pier

Info on Underground Railroad In This Area

Old Warehouses - now condos

Area Around the Pier


The Jet Express goes in and out of this pier

Wow You Can See A Storm Coming In

Threatening Skies

Gorgeous Sunset


Fire works from Cedar Point












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Rough Seas

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Fireworks Show

Our last stop of the day was the Jackson Street Pier in Sandusky, Ohio. We decided to watch the Cedar Point Fireworks from here where it looks to be pretty peaceful instead of joining the throngs at other locations.

We learned something today about the Underground Railroad. Sandusky was in the heart of the process and Harriet Beecher Stowe used Sandusky as the gate to freedom for the slaves in her famous book "Uncle Tom's Cabin." I read the book so many years ago that I had forgotten that.

We took our chairs and sat in the best spot on the pier and other people slowly started to show up. We watched a bunch of people fishing on the pier. This one young boy caught a real whooper!

Well, I saw this coming

and decided that maybe I'd sit it out in the truck for awhile. Lee didn't want to give up our seats but eventually he started to get wet and he joined me. We decided to have a late night picnic in the truck while we waited out the rain. Wow, did the wind come up and so did the waves and the storm sirens started blowing. Most people disappeared off the pier!

The weather steadily improved after the storm passed through and we saw a beautiful sunset while we were thinking about putting our chairs back out.

Finally, the rain let up and we put our chairs back outside and waited for the fireworks. This time though we stayed a little closer to the truck. We had to wait a long time because the fireworks at Cedar Point at 11:30 PM!! In the meantime we saw several other firework shows on the islands that were close. We had great views of the Cedar Point fireworks and they were really pretty because of the reflections in the water, however, I missed all the booms because we couldn't hear them from the pier!

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