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Watkins Glen KOA campsite with quilter cutting cloth and Martha waiting for...

Quilter cutting her future quilt pieces.

Circles are cut using a template.

Finished pieces.

Rotary cutter is used with a half-circle template.

Old Cornell graduate in front of the old Agricultural Engineering Building Riley-Robb...

Flowers at Buttermilk Falls State Park.

Buttermilk Falls.

Another view of Buttermilk Trickle.

View of upper portion of falls.

View of falls visitor along more steps.

View looking down Buttermilk Fallls into Cuyuga Lake Valley.

Ferms growing on segmented, sedimentary rock along falls trail.

View of Taughannock Falls north of Ithaca.

Another view of Taughannock Falls.

View of Seneca Lake from Seneca Harbor Park in Watkins Glen.

Harbor view.

Harbor flowers.

August 11 – Visit to Ithaca to Tour Cornell, Buttermilk Falls and Taughannock Falls

This morning, after some future quilt piece cutting, we headed east to Ithaca via a circuitous Garmin route. Rose, our 15-year-old pup had upset stomach this morning so we limited our away-from-RV time so we could check on her. As it turned out, when we returned she jogged to the grass and started rolling on her back in the sun. : ) She is her ole self.

Ithaca has changed a lot since 1971. Garmin got us to the campus and the Information Booth map got us to Riley-Robb Hall where I took my Agricultural Engineering Classes. We chatted with a secretary and learned the e-mail address of my advisor, Dr. Rehkugler, who is now a fulltime advisor.

We then headed down the hill to Buttermilk Falls which today is a Buttermilk Trickle due to the dry conditions in Ithaca. To see a larger waterfall, we headed north to the west shore of Lake Cayuga to Taughannock Falls. Its water fall was tall but the flow low. See photos.

We returned home to care for the pups and recharge. For dinner, we re-visited the Brewpub for a jalapeño burger for Kathleen and a multi-cheese/multi-garlic pizza for me. I felt obliged to re-sample the three brews again to ensure that the test was not affected by the day of the week. : )

After dinner, to exercise our aching leg muscles, we walked along the walk and pier of the Seneca Harbor Park.

Tomorrow, we will start our winery tour, first on the Seneca Lake east shore and then the west shore. We will visit the wineries that offer tours.

All for today.

Have a great day.

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