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Very smoky drive today

The MILEPOST said: "Counch on the bluff with giant stuffed animals" -...

Adult humor bar boasted the best Bloody Mary's but weren't open yet

Adult Humor - at least they warned you

Beautiful wildflowers along the highway

Alaska State Flower, the Forget-Me-Nots were blooming finally

Wow, the area is still VERY smoky

Alaska is a very proud, patriotic state

An old burn area, nature's way. The willow grows back first

The large, busy Nenana River. Many Athabascans lived along the Nenana.

The Nenana River is blue, full of life and fish. NOT a...

We were headed for Healy, just north of D.N.P. entrance. The fires...

Nearing the Park's entrance, and it's NOT looking good at all.

The scenery could be gorgeous if we could only see it

The closer Mountains are looking a little better

Denali National Park

Donations for the Denali Sled Dogs

Denali's working dogs

Ranger talking about their dogs

They just love attention

This happy one year old is Cinder

After their run demo

This needs NO explanation

A Moose sighting in the Visitor's Center

Oooooohhh! I want THIS moose !!!

We all had dinner at Denali Salmon Bake

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Hitching up the dogs

We were smelling smoke all day yesterday, but didn’t see any. We heard there were several wildfires in Alaska caused by the lightening that came with the little rain storm we had the other day. But today the wildfires were VERY evident. As we traveled south from Fairbanks, the sky filled with thick gray smoke.

It was hard to see any scenery and it made us realize that maybe we won’t be seeing Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park.

Bruce & Susan caught up with us at scenic stop and traveled the rest of the way with us to Healy. Bob & Jackie came shortly after. We gathered in Bruce’s truck to go to the Park to pick up our tickets for tomorrow’s bus shuttle. While there, we got to see a demo of the working dog sled kennels in the National Park. These were different from Susan Butcher’s dogs that are bred for speed and are smaller and leaner dogs. These Park dogs are larger and bulkier dogs bred for pulling supplies and equipment in the winter. They are the only means of transportation for the Rangers in the Park in winter months in the wilderness.

After returning home and checking on our dogs and resting, we all went out to dinner in town at Denali Salmon Bake, which has more than Salmon. It was a fun place, with long family style tables and a party atmosphere.

We also enjoyed the greatest shopping experience in the Nenana canyon. The tourist shops were really fun and had great stuff at great (cheap) prices. The kind we like!

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