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We are still looking for these . . .

We did find tracks - and they were big !

Actually - this is a poster photograph of a moose

What are the girls photographing?

. . . a beautiful frozen lake

An artists drawing of the town of Barkerville

An old photograph of a Barkerville street scene

The Anglican Church still has services

Inside the church

Larry walking down the boardwalks that were along most of the shops

Inside one of the houses, decorated for the era

Larry checking out the houses

Inside J.P. Taylor's 1866 Drug Store

Suffragette arguing with a young man about her rights

This is an active Post Office

The Barkerville dental office

I'm glad that I live today and not back in the 1860's

Actors in period costum watching the suffragette scene

The most important building in gold rush town, the ASSAY office

Restored and fully operational Barkerville Hotel

Actors warming by the stove deep in conversation in the tea shop

The Barkerville Fire Brigade wagon

Theatre Royal and the Fire Brigade Hose Tower

Inside the Newspaper Office

Entering Chinatown where the Europeans did not go

Inside of an occupied Chinatown home

The Chinese Medicine store

Water wheel mill

The 1878 Stamp Mill that crushed the rocks for gold

The Richardson Ground Squirrel - isn't he adorable?

You could ride in this wagon and circle the town

Another occupied home

The blacksmith was demonstrating his craft

The gold rush towns of Stanley and Von Winkle are ruins now

The Stanley graveyard, mostly in ruins, is surrounded by a nice painted...

What was that? Bruce - STOP - Go Back!!!

Oh my goodness - our first Black Bear sighting!

He was watching us just a few yards away

Back in town - Quesnel, a Gold Rush Town

On our way to visit Barkerville today we just had to stop and snap a few photos along the way. We were on the lookout for Moose (checking out all watery locations) or Bear or just about any kind of wildlife, and the scenery was simply great.

Barkerville = Billy Barker discovered gold on Williams Creek in 1862 and triggered a stampede of thousands of people from all over the world (Europe & Asia) and Barkerville was born. It is a historic mining town that is stillsparsely inhabited and it is a protected (by the government) heritage town. There are a few businesses still in operation for shopping, dining & staying overnight; so it's like a living museum with exhibits and real people. There were actors in period costums acting out the daily lives of the people of a frontier town.

Over the years, especially early years of the town, there were fires that destroyed parts of the town, so a lot of it was reproduced or moved or reconstructed. It was very cute, and showed us that even though it was a rough life compared to what we’re used to, it was a luxury to them in the Cariboo Gold Rush days of the late 1860’s.

I was able to snap a photo of a cute little Richardson Ground Squirrel, which they call a nuisance, but I thought he was adorable.

Down the road a piece was the ruins of two other Gold Rush towns, Stanly & Von Winkle; one was just a few piles of wood and the other had a cemetery.

On the way home we caught glimpse of a black bear on the side of the road, so Bruce drove until he found a spot to turn around and sure enough the bear waited for us. He was just sitting on the side of the road watching cars go by. That was so very cool, we can’t wait to see more.

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