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Helen in Melbourne

Melbourne Suburbs

Gareth has realised that if you plonk the sun behind an object...

See what I mean? Nice though.

A typical Melbourne skyline shot. Very American looking isn't it?

The sun sets in Melbourne.

Next Day: Helen at Victoria Market

Helen at Victoria Market - looking for clothes!!

Gareth at Victoria Market

Hanging out at the market. Yay! Our tans are coming back again!

Melbourne (South East) from Rialto Tower

Melbourne (South West)

Looking down on Central Melbourne.

Melbourne (Looking west)

Melbourne from the Rialto Tower - to the south.

35 floors up on the Rialto Tower, looking South East.

Looking east over the central business district of Melbourne.

Gareth next to a huge view of Melbourne!

The central station and Federation Square.

The main business area of Melbourne. Like New York isn't it!?

Melbourne CBD

Our hostel is in there somewhere!

The north-east of the city.

Melbourne looking north-west.

Melbourne to the west.

The Rialto tower - where we got our stunning views of the...

Street Speed Chess! They had to complete the game in under 3...

This guy is in the world's top 3000 best chess players!

Gareth makes friends with a bread shop.

This guy won a pool competition, so Gareth tried to become his...

Gareth and Helen having a great night!

Our mate Jenny! She's great because she's actually SMALLER than Gareth!

Too much Atkins Diet?! It's one of those mirrors!

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